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Using bad diapers is a waste of money

by:Moosee     2021-03-31

In the process of using diapers for children, we encountered many problems. Many parents accuse the poor quality of diapers. They just want to say, 'We can't carry this pot!' Let's take a look at how to use diapers so that we don't waste money.

Actually, diapers always leak urine, which is not only related to the quality of diapers, sometimes mothers wear the baby the wrong way, the size is not appropriate, and the replacement is not timely. For these reasons, even if the baby wears a good diaper, it may leak urine. Incorrect way of dressing Many parents think that putting on diapers for their children is a matter of no technical content. But in fact, if the diapers are not worn correctly, it will not only cause urine leakage and strangulation, but also cause great harm to the baby's body.

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to learn the correct way to wear diapers! Let the baby lie on the bed, put on the old diaper, put the new diaper under the baby, adjust the comfortable position, and then stick to the waist according to the baby’s waist circumference Stickers, pay attention to the size of the tightness, so as to avoid damage caused by loose or over-tightening.

Inappropriate size. When the size is too large, the diaper is not close to the baby, and the gap left on the leg is easy to cause urine leakage; when the size is too small, the diaper is too tight, and once you urinate, there is no urine storage process , Urine will flow down the legs, causing urine leakage.

The diapers are marked with the appropriate weight. Choose diapers according to the baby's weight range. In addition, sometimes even if the baby's weight fits the size category, his abdominal circumference, leg circumference and height are different. Therefore, parents should observe the tightness of the baby's diaper during use and adjust the size in time.

If the diaper is not replaced in time, when the diaper's water absorption mode is saturated and cannot absorb the extra urine, it will also cause the diaper to leak. Therefore, timely replacement of diapers is also the focus of leakage prevention. Observe the baby's nappy line. When the baby urinates, the urine line will change color, which means that the parent needs to change the baby's diaper.

If a baby wears wet diapers for a long time because of unnecessary frugality, it is easy to cause redness in the buttocks.
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