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Ways to prevent urine leakage in adults

by:Moosee     2021-03-18

With the continuous improvement of the production process, adult diapers have started from the single function of preventing leakage and absorbing urine, and improved to not only leak-proof and breathable, but also absorb urine and anti-bacterial, and increase the elastic waist and three-dimensional leak-proof partition. Various functions such as edge. So how should adult diapers prevent urine leakage?

1. Open the package, if you feel the diapers are compacted, rub the absorbent layer with your hands to make the diapers soft and fluffy;

2. Open the diaper and scrape up both sides by hand (to prevent adhesion to the surface layer, this is very important);

3. Hold both ends of the diaper, stretch it 3 or 4 times, so that the diaper can shrink well;

4. Slightly tidy up the diaper to form a U-shaped pocket urine area as shown in the photo;

5. When wearing, both sides should be evenly tightened, and diapers should be worn properly;

6. The close-fitting of diapers;

7. Wear a higher back, with an elastic waist at the back.

Through experience, it is found that the three-dimensional side wall feels insufficient elasticity when it is taken out. If the two ends of the hand are stretched a few times, the elasticity is very good, which can form a deep peeing area and better prevent side leakage!
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