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What are the advantages and disadvantages of diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-07-03

Diapers mainly refer to disposable diapers. Then it is made of non-woven fabric, paper, cotton, and other materials. There are two types for infants and the best disposable adult diapers. The newest diapers on the market today are environmentally friendly and reusable diapers, which are mainly made of raw materials refined from buckwheat fiber. So the biggest feature of this diaper is that it is very large in water absorption and storage. So, what are the specific advantages and disadvantages of diapers?

1. Advantages of diapers

The diaper is very convenient. Because this diaper can be thrown away once it is used up, there is no need for follow-up work, and it can also fully save time for mothers to care for urine and bowel. Parents don't need to worry about the baby's urine and urine and dirty clothes, usually change once at 4 to 5 years. The second is clean and tidy diapers. Diapers can not only absorb the baby's poop and urine quickly but also don't worry about soiling the pants. As long as you use up one and replace it with another clean one, it will be very clean and tidy.

2. Disadvantages of diapers

Easily cause red buttocks:

If the baby does not change the urine in time after urination, the local moisture and the salt in the urine will stimulate the skin of the baby's buttocks and cause diaper dermatitis, redness, and even ulceration of the skin. Although the diaper's manual says that it has good water absorption and breathability, it is still far behind the diaper, and the discharged urine is contained in it.

Possibility to cause urinary tract infection:

Especially for girls, because the urethra is relatively short. If the stool is not replaced and cleaned in time after passing the stool, it is very likely that bacteria will reach the bladder through the urethra, and the ureter will cause 'upward urinary tract infection.

May affect the boy's future fertility:

Although this situation is rare, there are reports that long-term use of diapers can cause male infertility, because the retention of urine makes the local temperature of the scrotum higher and affects the development of the testicles.

Higher cost:

One piece of diaper costs 2 yuan. A baby uses 6 pieces a day. It costs about 12 yuan a day and 360 yuan a month, which is a considerable economic burden for families with general income. 5. Not conducive to environmental protection: If a large number of used diapers have not undergone certain treatment and are discarded at will, they will definitely cause environmental pollution after a long wait.

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