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What are the characteristics of baby diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-05-13

At present, the diaper market presents a phenomenon of high and low quality. Many people have a headache when choosing diapers. They do not know what kind of diapers to buy are the most suitable for the baby and the most secure for the baby. This article introduces to you what are the characteristics of baby diapers?

1.Good water absorption

When using diapers for the baby, the mother's biggest worry is whether the baby will have a red bottom. If the diapers are very absorbent and can reduce the time that urine is in direct contact with the baby's skin, then the chance of the baby having a red butt will be greatly reduced. In addition, diapers have good water absorption, so mothers don’t need to change diapers frequently for their babies, which can help to continuously improve the quality of the baby’s sleeping environment by reducing the chance of disturbed sleep.

2.Soft texture

The Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, any discomfort may cause crying. It can be said that diapers are in contact with the baby's skin for 24 hours. If the material of the product is not soft enough, it can repeatedly rub against the baby's skin, which can easily cause the baby's skin to become red.

3.Dry without re-seepage

The diapers will affect the baby's sleep quality. If they are not locked, they will make the baby's buttocks become red, causing urine absorption and reverse osmosis. In order for the baby to sleep peacefully, mothers should choose dry, non-oozing diapers.

4.Ultra-thin and breathable

The Baby's urine will produce moisture. If the diapers are not well breathable, they will cause diseases in the baby's butt and even affect the normal growth and development of the baby's genitals. Too thick diapers often have poor air permeability, and it is recommended that mothers choose ultra-thin diapers.

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