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What are the characteristics of high-quality products produced by baby diaper manufacturers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-27

There are many baby diaper manufacturers, but the quality of the products produced by high-quality manufacturers is significantly higher than that of other small manufacturers. The baby diapers they produce are designed with a 360-degree softness, which is perfectly fitted and has an ultra-thin core. The result is a multi-layer dry system. When such a good product is in your hand, everyone will find that it uses three-dimensional tailoring, has a double-layer anti-leakage function, and the fabric is very soft and will not harm the child's skin health.

The high-quality products produced by baby diapers manufacturers are from the perspective of children. It is used to minimize the friction with the baby's skin. No matter how you move, it is very comfortable and belongs to a state of zero burden. High-quality products can be judged from the above aspects:

One, suck

It uses polymer absorbent material, which absorbs more water.

Second, soft

Using a soft surface layer, it is not only soft but also very comfortable, and it gives the child a soft touch like cotton.

Three, bomb

It uses a surrounding super-elastic waist. For children, it can be stretched freely when using it to achieve the effect of fitting at any time.

Four, narrow

In the position of the child's stall, an arc design is carried out to fit the baby's buttocks more effectively to prevent the occurrence of 0-legs. Products produced by baby diapers manufacturers.

Five, thin

It is designed for ultra-thin experience. Simply put, wearing it is like not wearing it.

Six, protect

With a double-layer leak-proof enclosure, it is more intimate in terms of leak-proof effect.

Seven, through

It has a super breathable bottom film, which can quickly exhale hot and humid air, thereby reducing the appearance of red ass. The baby diapers currently on the market generally come in four specifications, for everyone to choose freely.
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