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What are the misunderstandings about adult diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-12

Adult diapers are divided into three layers from the inside to the outside in structure. The inner layer is close to the skin and is made of non-woven fabric; the middle layer is absorbent fluff pulp with polymer absorbent; the outer layer is an impermeable plastic film . The use of adult diapers also brings convenience to people with physical disabilities. So what are the misunderstandings about adult diapers? Let me give you the following.

1. Only the elderly can prevent side leakage. For many children, when buying adult diapers, they worry about side leakage. Side leakage not only makes the elderly endure the dampness and uncomfortable, but also makes the elderly. His family frequently changed his clothes and clothes.

Enduring the smelly smell, I still need to change diapers for the old man in a hurry. In fact, adult diapers can prevent side leakage. The three-dimensional protective enclosure can prevent side leakage. According to the special structure of the human body, a special design can be used to achieve double leak-proof and three-layer leak-proof for diapers.

Multiple leak-proofing prevents urine from leaking out. When the urine is sprayed out, it is blocked by several layers of leak-proof membrane and is finally completely absorbed by the diaper.

2. The absorbent material in adult diapers is absorbent cotton. Many people believe that the material in the middle of adult diapers is some absorbent cotton. In fact, this is not the case. Adult diapers are made of polymer absorbent resin. Some people think that adults After diapers absorb water, they always feel a little damp. In fact, the water-absorbing material in adult diapers is mainly polymer water-absorbing resin, which is chemically changed. The polymer water-absorbing resin combines with water to form a new substance saturated with water.

1 gram of polymer can absorb water up to 100ML, which is quite abundant, and it can be completely absorbed after a person empties the urine for a long time.

3. Among the adult diapers,'light pants' are very special'light pants'. Relatively speaking, the water absorption is abundant, which is determined by the polymer in the light pants, and it is soft and comfortable to wear, which is light pants. Due to the fabric, relatively speaking, lightweight pants are no different from ordinary pull-up pants, and the dryness and breathability of diapers are also relatively speaking. Generally, it is unlikely to achieve both water absorption and breathability. Relatively speaking, they are suitable for use in winter. Adult diapers, pull-up pants or nursing pads for the elderly in summer, just wear comfortably.
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