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What are the requirements for choosing diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-05-02

Nowadays, children all use diapers. Naturally, we are hiding away from diapers. What are our requirements for diapers? Let’s let the diaper manufacturers tell you about our current situation. What are the requirements for diapers?

1.First of all, the materials used to make diapers should not be too bad. If the production is too bad, it will have some bad effects on the children, and even affect their health in the future.

2.The water absorption of diapers should not be too bad. After all, the main function of buying diapers is this, so the use of this is not sloppy at all, it must be up to the standard.

3.One is the dryness of diapers. Even if we don’t ask for how good the dryness of diapers is, it shouldn’t be too bad, because if the dryness is too bad, it will be very harmful to the child’s skin.

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