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What are the uses of wet wipes for babies?

by:Moosee     2021-06-26

Non-woven cotton baby wipes are getting more and more attention, and now many new mothers pay special attention to the hygiene of newborn babies, especially in the use of baby wipes very frequently, thus becoming one of the must-have items for newborn babies. First of all, it is easy to carry around, and the convenient use of baby wipes can come in handy, which makes many mothers love it, especially when the baby is growing up and begins to rely on baby wipes. So baby wipes will have different usages during use. Now let’s share several common usages for parents.

Wet wipes can be dry cleaned for babies. No matter how good the wet wipes are, they are not all-around. Moreover, they are developed for a certain purpose. Do not cover the face with dots. Of course, it must be washed. If it is not convenient to take a bath every day in cold weather, you can wash it once every two days. At intervals, you must wash your baby's face, hands, feet, and buttocks with water. Wipe your baby's buttocks with wet wipes. The peeing and stinky smell of newborn babies will always flow. If you wash with water every time, it is troublesome. If you wear and take off your clothes frequently, especially in winter, accidentally letting your baby catch a cold will not pay off .

So, the biggest use of wet wipes is to clean the baby's butt. Because wet wipes contain moisture and moisturizing ingredients, they are more thorough than toilet paper and have a moisturizing effect. Of course, they are most popular with mothers. When going out, clean your baby's small hands: You can use wet wipes to solve the inconvenience of going out, such as the baby smells bad, the small hands are dirty, and there is no clean water to wash during meals.

Wet wipes to wipe the baby's nose, the baby has a cold, and the nose keeps running down, often wipe with a paper towel, the little nose is wiped dry and red, mother is very heartbroken, so I thought of this method. Use wet wipes to wipe your baby's nose. Occasionally, it is fine. The manufacturer of wet wipes reminds you to use it only after confirming that there is no adverse reaction on the baby's skin. If it is not suitable for many long-term use, you can use special baby mouth and hand wipes.

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