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What is the basic structure of a diaper?

by:Moosee     2021-05-03

When we buy diapers for a baby, it is best to know the structure of the diaper. Knowing the structure, we can know the principle of how the diaper absorbs urine for the baby. Also, know how to avoid damaging your baby's skin. Why are ordinary pants easy to pee? Because the general pants do not have a specific design, and the diapers are designed for the reason that the baby is easy to pee.

So what is the basic structure of diapers? The following is the diaper manufacturer to explain to you. There are various types of diapers with different styles, but generally, they are composed of three parts, that is:

(1) Surface coating: It is the part that is closest to the baby's skin, close to the baby's body, the material is soft, and will not hurt the baby's skin.

(2) Absorbing core layer: Quickly penetrate the baby's urine, reduce the contact time, and keep the baby's skin dry.

(3) Backing cloth: to prevent urine from penetrating and flowing out, storing urine.

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