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What is the difference between traditional diapers and diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-07-06

There are still many people who are influenced by the traditional diaper theory. They all believe that diapers are better than diapers. Not only are they breathable and hygroscopic, but they are also difficult to develop diaper rash. But for this traditional theory, we first need to analyze it scientifically and re-examine its correctness.

Now among all baby diapers, because this cotton diaper has been produced for the longest time. Especially in modern society, many families still believe that cotton diapers are the best choice for nursing newborns. In fact, in addition to pure cotton diapers, similar products on the market include bamboo fiber diapers and medical fiber diapers.

But because traditional diapers are changed very quickly, and the amount of washing is also large, as long as we don’t pay attention, the baby’s skin will be easily soaked in urine stains and stool stains, and if it is washed and dried If the conditions are not good, it is easy to produce bacteria.

At this time, disposable diapers were derived, and they were also continuously favored by young parents. It not only has the advantages of being easy to carry and not having to clean, but also convenient to replace, but if the baby with allergic skin must be replaced frequently, otherwise it will easily cause the baby to red ass.

Bamboo fiber diapers are popular and popular diapers. Their main characteristics are softness and good air permeability. They also have natural antibacterial functions, especially they can produce a peculiar smell and are easy to clean. Therefore, they are loved by mothers. , But the price will be higher than cotton diapers. Compared with diapers, cloth diapers are better for babies' ass, but they are not very convenient to carry.

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