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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing baby wipes

by:Moosee     2021-07-07

Baby wet wipes are essential daily necessities for our mothers. Because children keep touching the things around them, it is easy to breed bacteria on exposed skin, especially on hands, so mothers should often wipe with baby wipes. When choosing baby wipes, you must pay attention to the composition of the wipes, the touch and taste of the wipes, and the integrity of the packaging.

Pay attention to the ingredients of wet wipes: children’s skin is relatively delicate, and adult products cannot contain irritating additives such as alcohol, fragrances, preservatives, and children’s skin allergies if they are not careful. Therefore, when buying baby wipes, observe the packaging of the wipes and choose long products that do not contain alcohol, flavors, and preservatives.

Pay attention to the touch and taste: each type of wet wipes has its own feel and taste, some are soft and thick, and feel very comfortable to the touch; while others have a special fragrance and smell very comfortable. In response to this situation, I suggest mothers choose soft and thick products, and it is best not to have any taste. This is because the fragrance of wet wipes means that it contains fragrance, and this chemical substance itself is not good for children's health.

The integrity of the packaging: When purchasing, we must observe the integrity of the packaging. If the sealability is not good, the wet wipes have been contaminated by bacteria, and the effect of sterilization and disinfection will be greatly reduced. In addition, after taking the wet wipes, mothers should re-apply for the sealing strip in time and store them in a cool place to avoid affecting the effect of the wet wipes.

It's best to try it for the child first: When mothers buy wet wipes, don't buy them in large quantities. Try them for the baby first and observe the baby's reaction. Whether the skin is red and swollen, whether the baby is crying, etc. If there is really no problem, then you can buy in bulk.

Pay attention to the use of wet wipes: Baby wipes are generally divided into ordinary wet wipes and hand and mouth wipes. Ordinary wipes are mainly used to wipe a baby's butt, body, and other parts of the face; hand and mouth wipes are mainly used to wipe hands and mouth. Therefore, when choosing wet wipes, it is necessary to distinguish the purpose. Do not mix the two types, otherwise, it will be harmful to the baby's health.

Material of wet wipes: different wet wipes use different non-woven fabrics. When choosing wet wipes for babies, try to use spunlaced non-woven materials. Such wet wipes are relatively strong and not easy Hair loss and deformation. The baby is more comfortable to use.

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