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What should babies pay attention to when using wet wipes?

by:Moosee     2021-06-27

With the continuous improvement of living standards nowadays, many mothers also pay attention to the hygiene of their babies in their lives, because the baby’s skin is very delicate and prone to allergies, so they like to use wet wipes for their babies instead of traditional ones. towel. Of course, there are many benefits of using baby wipes for your baby, but you must be careful not to overuse them, otherwise, it will cause damage to your baby's skin.

You can buy a single pack just before trying a new brand. Try it on the back of your hand. If you feel alcohol irritation, you don’t need to choose.

1. Baby wipes are insoluble in water, please do not discard them in the toilet to avoid blockage.

2. If the skin has a wound or redness, swelling, pain, itching, and other symptoms, please stop using it and consult a doctor in time.

3. Put it out of the baby's hand to prevent the baby from eating by mistake.

4. Please don't put it in a place where it can be exposed to high temperature and sunlight, and be sure to close the seal after use.

5. Please open the sealing sticker when in use, and close the sticker tightly when not in use to keep the soft wipes moist.

6. To use baby wipes in winter, it is recommended to put the wipes on or next to the heater to warm them up before use.

7. In order to keep baby wipes moist, different types of wipes should be selected according to the actual use.

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