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Which core material is better in diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-26

The core material of diapers is mostly divided into two types, one is super absorbent resin and the other is wood pulp. There is still a big difference between the two, so it is best to choose according to your needs. Which core material is better in diapers?

1. Super Absorbent Resin Super Absorbent Resin is a new type of functional polymer material, which has the characteristics of high water absorption rate and high water retention rate. Many diapers contain this substance, and the baby will not have too much abnormal feeling after urinating. Because of this, super absorbent polymers will have higher quality requirements. The water absorption effect of the diaper will be very good after the first use, but if Chen Yuxuan 2-3 repeatedly absorbs water, it shows that the quality of the SAP will make the butt uncomfortable and wear.

2. Wood pulp The pulp activity that can be made from wood as raw material is wood pulp, one of which contains a large number of abundant capillaries, which can effectively disperse the catheter. Most of the diapers after adding wood pulp will be more soft and comfortable, and will not cause excessive friction to the baby's delicate skin, and the baby will feel very comfortable when worn uniformly.

But if the wood pulp material is too high, it will increase the weight of the diaper. Although the baby is softer and more comfortable after putting it on, it is easy to cover with pp, giving it a sultry feeling. In fact, super absorbent resin is mainly based on water absorption, and wood pulp is mainly based on diversion. Many diaper manufacturers will comprehensively develop two different materials. Common problems highlight the advantages of the two materials, but there is still a need to highlight one of them. Important characteristics.

The comfort of diversion diapers is outstanding. Moms who want their babies to wear comfortably can use this as a choice; diapers with strong water absorption promote water absorption, and mothers who don’t want to change their babies frequently can be a choice. But diversion diapers are more popular, after all, making the baby comfortable is the most important thing.
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