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Who are the applicable objects of nursing pads?

by:Moosee     2021-03-15

The nursing pads can be divided into baby nursing pads, maternity nursing pads, and adult nursing pads according to different users. So when are they used and when?

Baby nursing pads are mainly used for newborns to isolate urine to ensure that the mattress or mattress underneath is not wetted by urine, so baby nursing pads are also known as urine barriers. When baby care If the pad is wet, replace it immediately to ensure that the baby's butt is dry.   

Maternity nursing pads are mainly necessary products for women after childbirth, also known as puerperal pads. Just after giving birth, a large amount of lochia will flow out every day in the first half of the month. General sanitary napkins can’t be enough. At this time, special mothers are needed. Nursing pads. The use time of maternal nursing pads is generally from the first time after delivery to the discharge of bleeding and lochia throughout the puerperium.   

Adult nursing pads are mainly used for people who have undergone surgery, those who are paralyzed, and those who cannot take care of themselves. The adult nursing pads are easy to replace and can ensure that the mattresses under the building will not be soiled.
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