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Why can diapers quickly absorb water and not seep back?

by:Moosee     2021-05-04

All the diapers we see on the market are written with words that quickly absorb urine and do not seep back. Is it true that it does not seep back? Most people think that the cotton of diapers absorbs water quickly and can pinch out water with a little effort. But the editor tells everyone that the inside of diapers is not cotton, but a polymer material called macromolecule absorbent.

The water absorption capacity and water retention capacity of polymer water-absorbing grease are several times better than that of cotton. The polymer absorbent is shaped like a bead, but it does not directly touch the baby's skin. The structure of the diaper is divided into four layers, namely the surface layer, the conductive layer, the absorbing layer, and the bottom layer. The macromolecule absorbent is mixed evenly with the fluff of the absorbent layer. Let me tell you why diapers can quickly absorb water without re-seepage.

When the baby urinates, it first passes through the surface layer and then penetrates down to the absorption layer. The polymer absorbent absorbs and locks the urine evenly. What is going on without re-infiltration? I have sucked in the urine. I believe everyone is more curious. The magic is still on the polymer absorbent, which is a kind of polymer compound, when it absorbs water, it is equivalent to water molecules adsorbed on the polymer, squeezed between the molecules, and will not leak out.

For example, when making bread, we need to add water to the flour. The flour will be combined with the water and it will not be squeezed out. The same is true for polymer absorbents to absorb water. Therefore, diaper wholesale tells everyone that diapers produced by diaper manufacturers can quickly absorb water without re-seepage.

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