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Why can diapers replace traditional diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-05-17

The daily necessities of baby diapers made of super-absorbent resin are excellent materials used in the manufacture of baby diapers, named diapers. This product has gradually replaced traditional diapers. Why can diapers replace traditional diapers? Look at this article. Compared with traditional diapers, diapers are more convenient to use, have strong water absorption, and do not require frequent replacement and cleaning.

It can be said that the great influence has continuously reduced the burden on mothers. Diapers are very convenient. Diapers are very convenient, disposable items, directly run and throw away, which can fully save time and reduce the mother's mother's workload. At the same time, the diaper can quickly absorb the baby's urine and urine, usually within 3 hours to change and clean, without having to change clothes. Choose the right diaper The size of the diaper must be appropriate.

If the diaper used is small, the diaper will be tightly wrapped around the baby's crotch. Due to the lack of sufficient space at the bottom of the thighs, it is difficult for air to circulate, and the heat in the crotch is also difficult to dissipate. As time goes by, it is easy to affect the normal growth of the boy's physical development and become infertile in the future. If you use baby girl diapers because their crotch temperature is high, the seal is good, bacteria are easy to multiply, and they will invade the baby's vulva, urethra, and other parts.

Therefore, the appropriate diaper must be selected according to the baby's weight and body type. What to do if you are allergic to diapers If you are allergic to baby diapers, you should stop using them immediately and take the rash to the hospital.

If you are using diapers that have developed allergies, it is best to use traditional diapers. The best time to stop diapers should be before a baby is two years old.

When the child is about two years old, parents need to train their children to grow and urinate independently. When the baby company has not used smart diapers, they will urinate and urinate at any time when learning, which is not conducive to the storage of urine in the bladder. ability. Since diapers are more absorbent, they will not feel uncomfortable with other students because they feel very wet. Children can easily lead to habitual bedwetting or lazy bedwetting, so don’t have some unnecessary dependence on diapers.

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