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Why does the child's diaper leak from side to side?

by:Moosee     2021-05-15

The essence of diapers is the child. The child is not only comfortable to wear but also easy for parents to clean. However, parents will always find that children often leak urine when wearing diapers. Why do children's diapers often have side leakage and urine leakage? Many parents feel very confused. Why do they still cause urine leakage when they clearly dress their children to a very standard?

For this phenomenon, most of the problems are related to the diaper itself. Parents failed to choose the correct diaper when choosing a diaper. The leakage of baby-wearing diapers has a lot to do with it. For example, if the baby is fed more milk at night, which causes the baby to urinate frequently, this will happen. The problem of this phenomenon has nothing to do with diapers. At this time, it is necessary to improve the observation of the child to avoid some such situations from the source.

In addition, the cause of urine leakage has a lot to do with the size of diapers. The diapers that parents can choose for their children are not suitable, which leads to poor wrapping, and urine leakage will continue to occur. When we choose diapers for our children, we must choose the corresponding size diapers according to the baby's size, and avoid using size diapers for the children, which is prone to urine leakage.

Finally, the phenomenon of urine leakage has a lot to do with the child's sleeping posture. An incorrect sleeping position can cause urine to leak in different places.

For example, if the baby likes to sleep on his stomach, the front will leak, but the back will still be dry. This situation can be observed by the parents, and the children can be corrected in time and completely avoided. The most important thing is to choose a suitable and comfortable diaper for your child, which is very important for him. Some diapers with poor water absorption often fail to lock the urine well in the child's urine and leak urine.

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