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You can't use it to change a baby's diaper!

by:Moosee     2021-06-03

One of the most common questions mothers ask when changing their babies’ diapers is whether they should wipe them with baby wipes or dry wipes? In fact, the baby’s skin is very delicate, although adults will be very sensitive when wiping the baby’s buttocks. Be cautious, but the adult's hand strength is still relatively large, if you wipe it with a dry tissue, your baby's buttocks will easily become red.

Baby wipes manufacturers feel that the baby’s skin is very delicate, if it is wiped directly with a dry tissue, it will damage the delicate skin. Therefore, mothers should choose professional baby wipes for the baby, and use it first when changing the diaper. Wipe clean with a wet wipe, and then wipe it dry with a dry wipe, which can better protect the baby's butt from harm, and is dry and clean.

When changing diapers, it is advisable to wipe with wet wipes, which can better clean the residual urine and feces on the baby's butt, keep the baby's butt dry for a long time, and prevent the occurrence of eczema Symptoms, and can reduce frictional damage to the baby's skin. However, mothers also need to be careful when choosing wet wipes, not so wet wipes are suitable for babies.

Many mothers will choose wet wipes to wipe the baby when changing the baby's diapers, but the bad wet wipes will also have a great impact on the baby's health. Some wet wipes on the market are added Bactericides, preservatives and many other chemical ingredients, long-term use will cause a certain irritation to the baby’s delicate skin, cause the baby to produce red butt, and aggravate the baby’s diaper rash symptoms. Moms must be careful and do their homework for the baby’s health.

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